Air Electric Pneumatic Iron Forging Hammer

Air Electric Pneumatic Iron Forging Hammer

CNC Fully Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer is program-controlled hydraulic die forging hammer, they are widely applied in automobile forgings, motorcycle forgings, hardware forgings, hand tools blank forgings, stainless steel tableware, and aeronautic forgings etc, especially for the precision...

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The Air Electric Pneumatic Iron Forging Hammer is applied in different kinds of free forging in the forging shop.It can out such processes as drawing ort upsetting,forge-welding,bending,etc.It can be used in all kinds of die stamping by using of open dies.

Production Process.jpg

Production Process

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Technical Parameters

Drop Weight (KG)4065751502002502005607501000
Attack Energy (J)0.530.912.245.69.513.71927
Number of blows per minute 24520021018014014012011510595
Distance from center of die(mm)235290280350395420520550750800
Size of Forging Working PiecesSquare(mm)52×5260×6065×65130×130150×150160×160220×220260×260270×270290×290
Overall Size(mm)1160*650*11401380*846*17831144*800*18002375*1085*21502500*900*23002665*1155*25402785*1400*28843464*1500*31573905*1370*31753770*1500*4125



Pre-sale services: enthusiasm

Our Services:

We provide you with the process plan, process flow design and manufacturer equipment according to your special demand.

Sale services: servant

Send technicians to the job site for guiding the installation and adjustment of Air Electric Pneumatic Iron Forging Hammer, training operators and finishing the check and accept together with you.

After-sale services: faithfulness

To establish long term friendship, we will regularly pay return visit to customers.

In addition, we provide one-year warranty to make sure your machine runs consistently. We always keep certain inventory level of spare parts of Air Electric Pneumatic Iron Forging Hammer, which means the replacements can be shipped to you right away.

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