2017 Overall situation judgment and 2018 development expectation

- Oct 20, 2020-

According to the above three aspects of the data, we can draw the following judgment:


(1) The total demand has stabilized and the demand structure has been accelerated and upgraded, which has become the norm of the machine tool industry.


(2) The quality of economic operation is gradually picking up, and the upgrading of supply-side structure has a long way to go.


(3) showed a trend of differentiation, in which the functional components and accessories better than the host machine forming machine superior to gold cutting machine.


(4) Foreign-owned enterprises operating in China are better than domestic enterprises.


At the meeting, Mao Zuifeng, vice chairman of the board of directors, also predicted the trend of 2018 machine tool industry, which everyone is very concerned about: the market demand will moderately increase, the output will be flat or slightly increase, and the import and export of machine tools will continue to grow. China machine tool industry layout, this advantage is rare in the world, so in the process of industry restructuring and upgrading not only to keep this advantage, continue to strengthen the basic application research, but also with intelligent, information technology and other advanced technologies, strive to achieve China Machine tool industry "cornering overtaking." In recent years, the achievements of domestic machine tools are obvious to all, in the automotive, 3C and other areas very competitive. At the same time, the domestic machine tool with cost-effective advantage in developing countries, the market demand continued to increase.