Application of Hydraulic Press in Aviation Industry

- Oct 04, 2020-

Hydraulic press is widely used in various industries. It is a kind of machine which uses liquid (mainly hydraulic oil as the main) as the working medium and used to transmit energy to realize various processes. In the field of aviation industry also played a significant role, mainly for the manufacture of aircraft, the engine to withstand alternating loads and concentrated load of key parts and important parts. Such as the frame of the aircraft body, beam, landing gear, joints, the engine in the plate, shaft, leaves, rings and other forging, pressing and forming.

Aviation field due to the use of high altitude for a long time, the pressure is relatively large. So the use of metal materials are mainly aluminum, titanium, high temperature alloys, ultra-high strength alloy structural steel, stainless steel and so on. Forging parts weigh about 20% to 35% of the weight of the aircraft body structure and 30% to 45% by weight of the engine structure. It is one of the important factors in determining the performance, reliability, longevity and economy of aircraft and engine. Therefore, all industrialized countries attach great importance to the development of aviation forging technology, as well as related upstream and downstream industry chain technology research and development and supporting the construction work, attach importance to the development and production of aviation forging. China's aviation forging technology development and progress, closely with the Republic of aviation industry 58 years of growth and growth process, in the planning and construction of aircraft, engine manufacturing plant at the same time, the corresponding planning and construction of its matching materials and forgings production capacity, 1956 The establishment of the Institute of Aeronautical Materials, is China's first engaged in aviation materials, thermal processing technology (including forging technology) research and development of specialized agencies. So far, China's aviation materials and forgings production capacity, has been able to meet the third generation of military aircraft and its production needs of the engine.

At present, China's largest hydraulic press has been manufactured, and applied to the aviation field. In order to better develop forging technology, hydraulic machine manufacturers need to continue in the technical innovation, breakthrough, so as to better adapt to the development of forging machinery.