Application of resistance welding robot in car body welding

- Dec 20, 2020-

Resistance welding is a relatively common welding technology. Although it was not widely used before, it now plays a pivotal role in car body welding. And with the emergence of welding robots, the advantages of resistance welding robots are becoming more and more obvious, and they are exactly what is needed for car body welding.

Because the control deviation of the resistance welding robot is relatively small, the welding quality of each welding spot can be guaranteed by adjusting the current and voltage of the welding power source, the welding pressure of the robot arm and the cycle time of the arm operation. If arc welding or gas shielded welding is used, it will affect the material of the body steel to some extent, but arc welding will not, so its advantages can be greatly exerted.

Of course, the use of resistance welding robots is not something that you should pay attention to. You must first test successfully, and then consider batch use after the product is qualified to ensure the stability of the operation.