Automatic monitoring, alarming

- Nov 27, 2020-

Automatic monitoring, alarming and compensation of tool wear or breakage during machining

It is cumbersome to complete the compensation of the wear value on a machine tool that does not have a tool setting tool. It is necessary to manually stop the machine tool to manually measure the size of the workpiece and manually modify the tool compensation parameters to obtain the wear value. After installing the tool setter, this problem is much simpler, especially after installing HPPA type or HPMA type. The former, as long as the tool wear law, after finishing a certain number of workpieces, stop the machine tool, and then use the tool setting tool to perform the tooling process again; the latter, as long as the number of processing cycles in the program to set the completion of the implementation One-time automatic knife setting can complete the tool compensation.

For tool breakage warning or tool wear after a certain degree of replacement, a "threshold value" is set according to the allowable wear of the tool. Once the error detected by the tool counter exceeds the threshold value, the tool is considered damaged or exceeded. The wear value of the machine automatically stops the machine and then forcibly replaces the tool.

3. Compensation of tool offset value variation due to thermal deformation of machine tool

The various heat generated during the work cycle of the machine tool causes the deformation of the machine tool, particularly the heat elongation of the screw, which causes changes in the position of the tool tip. As a result, the dimensional accuracy of the machined workpiece may be affected. By installing a tool setting device on the machine tool, the above problems can be solved. It is nothing more than the change of the position of the tool tip caused by thermal deformation, which is regarded as the wear value of the tool. It can be solved by measuring the tool offset value by the tool setting tool.