CNC tool

- Nov 13, 2020-

CNC tool is a tool used for machining in machine manufacturing. It is also called cutting tool. The generalized cutting tool includes both the tool and the grinding tool. In addition to the cutting tool, the “CNC Tool” also includes attachments such as the holder and the tool holder.

According to the tool structure can be divided into:

Integral: The tool is one, made from a blank, without split;

Welding type: connecting by welding method, cutting head and arbor;

Clamp type: Clamp type can be divided into two types: non-inversion and indexable; usually the CNC tool adopts clamp type!

Special types: such as compound tools, shock-absorbing tools and so on.

According to the materials used to manufacture the tool, it can be divided into:

High speed steel cutters;

Carbide cutting tools;

Diamond cutter

Other material tools, such as cubic boron nitride tools, ceramic tools and so on.

From the cutting process can be divided

Turning tools, extra round, inner hole, thread, cutting, grooving tools, etc.

Drilling tools, including drills, reamers, taps, etc.;

Boring tool;

Milling tools, etc.