Custom sliding table/power head/modular machine tool/ball screw/multi-axis drilling machine

- Jan 06, 2021-

Our factory always adheres to the principle of "survive by quality and development by reputation", taking product quality as the cornerstone of winning the trust of our customers, engraving product quality, continuous innovation, and sincerely with customers with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service Cooperation, common development, and create brilliant!

1. The main material of the cast iron sliding table is gray cast iron HT300, which has good strength and high heat treatment hardness of the guide rail (≥52HRC). It can be gravity cut. The guide rail is successfully ground by the guide rail at one time, and the guiding accuracy is good;

  2. The sliding table structure conforms to the characteristics of the casting strength of the castings, with thin walls and multiple ribs, good rigidity, and strong resistance to deformation. Each casting has undergone aging treatment, and the precision of the guide rail remains stable;

  3. High-precision double-nut ball screw drive, large bearing capacity, good dynamic performance, and high machining accuracy;

  4. The contact surface of the sliding plate and the guide rail is uniformly laminated to make the guide rail surface wear-resistant and not easy to strain. It has many advantages:

  ①Small dynamic friction factor, flexible sliding, good lubrication performance, no creep at low speed;

  ②Good wear resistance, long service life, prolonged maintenance time and easy maintenance.

  5. Reasonable oil groove, sufficient oil lubrication, as long as it is sliding contact surface, oil will enter for lubrication, avoid dry friction, reduce contact surface wear and maintain accuracy;

6. The fully enclosed scraping device and dust cover prevent iron scraps and dust from entering the guide rail to damage the sliding contact surface, thereby affecting the service life.