Film feedback throttle

- Dec 02, 2020-

The diaphragm feedback throttling bearing stiffness is very large, but the machine often appears in operation, such as holding, pulling, and pressure drop. The film feedback is the most critical film. In practice, the main reasons for the locking and pulling of the bearing are: 1) Plastic deformation of the film; 2) Slow feedback. When the load changes abruptly, the shaft and the tile have already rubbed when the film has not reacted; 3 the film fatigues. The thin film used for a long time, fatigue deformation, equivalent to changing the feedback parameters.

Increasing the thickness of the film and using some materials that are resistant to fatigue can achieve good results. Generally, rigid membranes, preloads, and gaps are used. The specific method is: change the 1.4mm thick film to a 4mm thick rigid film, and padded 0.05mm thick tin foil in the lower chamber to adjust the spindle to a position 0.05mm higher than the ideal position. The purpose is to return exactly to the ideal center when the spindle is stressed (grinding wheel weight, cutting force).