Forging equipment using pressure processing new technology

- Oct 08, 2020-

The forging equipment can make the shape of the forging parts close to the shape of the parts by using the new process of pressure processing so as to achieve the goal of less and no machining, thus saving the workload of raw materials and cutting.

The new process used in forging equipment also allows for reasonable fibre structure, improved mechanical properties and performance of components, which will lead to higher productivity.  At the same time, it can reduce the deformation rate and can produce heavy forgings on smaller forging equipment. Forging equipment is widely used in electric heating, less oxidation and non oxidation heating. The surface quality of forgings is improved and the working conditions are improved. When extrusion, the metal blank is deformed under three compression conditions, so it can also improve the plasticity of metal billets.

Forging equipment new technology using pressure processing can squeeze out a variety of complex shape, thin wall and deep hole, special-shaped parts, high precision parts, low surface roughness, which can achieve less non chip processing purposes.