Ham shaft Shenqiang powerful joint efforts to build a prototype factory in South Korea wisdom 1

- Oct 21, 2020-

Speaking of Kazakhstan axis and sinking machine, I believe people in the machinery industry are not unfamiliar. Harbin Bearing Group, founded in 1950, is one of the three major bearing bases in China. For more than 60 years since its founding, Harbin Axis has won numerous brilliant achievements in its entrepreneurial spirit of "innovation, pragmatism and top-notch competition". Ha-axis products mainly for the automotive, agricultural machinery, rolling stock, electrical appliances, construction machinery, mining machinery, petrochemical and other industries and enterprises supporting services. HRB brand bearings product marketing domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and exported to Europe and the United States in the domestic machinery industry has a huge influence.

The reputation of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, even more ringing, and as one of the leading machine tool industry, Shenyang Machine Tool has been insisting for many years the concept of innovation-driven development. Through technological innovation, the company successfully developed the network-based "i5 intelligent control system" and created the i5 series of intelligent machine tools, which not only can process the parts, but also generate the data needed for operation and management so as to make the factory distribution and classification possible. Through the mode innovation, breaking the traditional way of one-time sale and purchase and realizing the brand-new business model of "sharing time, parts and value" provides the platform support for "public entrepreneurship and innovation".