High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment National Science and Technology held a major expert group 2018 first meeting 2

- Oct 24, 2020-

At the meeting, the overall expert group studied and discussed the preparation of 2019 annual plan and guidelines, put forward the idea of 2019 annual task scheduling, focusing on innovation and application of key products, deepening technological innovation of innovation achievements, making efforts to fill shortcomings, Continued to enhance product reliability and accuracy of maintenance, and promote the special effectiveness across the point to the surface. The meeting identified guidelines for compilation of guidelines, that is, insisted on the task of marking the standard, inspected and missed shortcomings, insisted on focusing on priorities, doing something for nothing, focusing on application orientation, promoting industrialization, persisting in openness and tolerance, promoting fair competition and upholding the mechanism Innovation, to explore the award generation, adhere to strengthen the process of management, establish a system of integrity.


At the same time, the meeting arranged the mid-term assessment of the national science and technology major project "Thirteenth Five-year Plan", and arranged the self-evaluation on the effectiveness of special implementation and the related research work.