Horizontal boring machine

- Nov 01, 2020-

Horizontal boring machine is the most widely used type of boring machine. It is mainly used for hole machining. The precision of boring hole can reach IT7, and the surface roughness Ra is 1.6-0.8um. The main parameter of horizontal boring machine is spindle diameter.

The boring axis is horizontally arranged and axially fed. The spindle box moves vertically along the front pillar guide, and the table moves in the longitudinal or transverse direction for boring processing. This type of machine tool is widely used and economical. It is mainly used for hole machining of box (or bracket) parts and other machining surfaces related to holes.

Appearance is beautiful and the overall layout is well-balanced. Beds, columns, and slide seats are all made of rectangular guide rails with good stability. The guide rails are hardened and hardened with high wear resistance. Digital synchronization display, intuitive and accurate, can improve ergonomics and reduce costs