How does the hydraulic press choose hydraulic oil correctly?

- Oct 03, 2020-

Correct and reasonable choice of hydraulic press hydraulic oil, is to ensure that the hydraulic machine normal and efficient working conditions. Selection of hydraulic oil is often used in two ways: one is according to the hydraulic press factory samples or specifications recommended oil varieties and specifications, select the hydraulic oil; the other is based on the specific situation of hydraulic press, such as working pressure, working temperature, Speed, the type of hydraulic components and other factors, a comprehensive consideration of the choice of hydraulic oil. In the selection, to do the main work is: to determine the viscosity range of hydraulic oil; select the appropriate hydraulic oil varieties; to meet the special needs of the hydraulic system work.

Usually in the following aspects of the selection:

(1) according to the different choice of hydraulic machine work machine

Precision machinery and general mechanical viscosity requirements are different. In order to avoid the temperature rise caused by mechanical deformation, affecting the accuracy of work, precision machinery should adopt a lower viscosity of the hydraulic oil

(2) according to the type of hydraulic pump selection

Hydraulic pump is an important component of the hydraulic press, in the hydraulic machine in its movement speed, pressure and temperature rise are high, long working hours, and therefore more stringent requirements on viscosity, so the choice of viscosity should take into account the hydraulic pump

(3) press the press working pressure selection

When the pressure is high, should use the higher viscosity of the oil, so as to avoid excessive system leakage, the efficiency is too low; work pressure is low, it is appropriate to use lower viscosity oil, which can reduce the pressure loss

(4) Consider the working temperature of the hydraulic press

Mineral oil viscosity due to the impact of temperature changes a lot, in order to ensure that the working temperature has a more appropriate viscosity, but also must consider the impact of ambient temperature

(5) to consider the hydraulic machine working parts movement speed

When the hydraulic system in the work of the movement speed is high, the oil flow rate, the hydraulic loss increases arbitrarily, while the relative reduction in leakage, it is appropriate to use less fluid viscosity

(6) choose the appropriate hydraulic oil varieties

Choose the regular manufacturers of hydraulic oil, hydraulic machine can reduce the failure, but also can improve the life of hydraulic