How does the hydraulic press rise?

- Oct 02, 2020-

Hydraulic machine oil temperature rise on the impact of the four-column hydraulic press and hydraulic machine oil pollution hazards are the same, the hydraulic machine oil temperature rise is a long-term failure, the main reason for taking the hydraulic machine maintenance and daily inspection data analysis.

The main working medium of the hydraulic press is the working mode of the hydraulic oil transmission. During the operation of the equipment, the mechanical heat generated by the mechanical friction and the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic press are in the course of the work due to the pressure and the volume of heat generated during the downstream of the hydraulic cylinder , Is the main reason for the heat generated by hydraulic press. Here we analyze the main way to reduce the cooling of the hydraulic machine 

① when the outside temperature is lower than the temperature of the device itself, the release of heat 

② hydraulic oil through the pipe when the mailbox, by passing the surface of these bodies and the temperature difference between the temperature 

③ through the hydraulic press or Is the cooling system installed in the cooling system of the hydraulic station. 

④ The hydraulic press produces the cooling of the machine itself when the operation is stopped or the operator rests.

Excessive temperature rise will have the following faults and adverse effects:

① hydraulic oil temperature increases, the oil will reduce the straw, leakage increases, the pump volumetric efficiency and efficiency of the entire system will be significantly reduced 16%. Due to the decrease in the degree of berth, the slippery valve and other 12% 90 moving parts of the oil film thinning and cutting, frictional resistance 180 increased, resulting in increased wear and tear, hydraulic machine fever, bringing more 125% high temperature rise.

② hydraulic oil temperature is too high, so that the mechanical heat distortion, both 100% -60 makes the thermal expansion coefficient of different components of the moving parts of the gap between the smaller and stuck, causing malfunctions, but also affect the accuracy of hydraulic equipment Parts processing quality deterioration.

③ hydraulic oil temperature is too high, but also make rubber seals deformation, early aging failure, reduce service life, loss of sealing performance, resulting in leakage. Leakage will further heat up the temperature rise.

④ hydraulic oil temperature is too high, will accelerate the deterioration of oil oxidation, attack asphalt material, reduce the life of hydraulic oil. Precipitation blockage damp hole and slotted valve port, resulting in pressure alarm pressure failure, flow valve instability and directional valve stuck without change, metal pipe extension bending, and even rupture and many other failures.