How to distinguish heavy machine tools, medium machine tools and large machine tools

- Jan 14, 2021-

According to weight and size, it can be divided into instrument machine tools, medium-sized machine tools (general machine tools), large-scale machine tools (mass bai greater than 10t), heavy-duty machine tools (mass above 30t) and super-heavy machine tools (mass above 100t).

Machine tools are mainly classified according to the processing method and the tools used. According to the country’s establishment of machine tool models, machine tools are divided into 11 categories: lathes, drilling machines, boring machines, grinders, gear processing machines, thread processing machines, milling machines, planing slotting machines, and drawing machines. Machines, sawing machines and other machine tools. In each type of machine tool, it is divided into several groups according to the process range, layout type and structural performance, and each group is divided into several series (series).

In addition to the above basic classification methods, there are other classification methods:

1. According to the degree of universality, machine tools can be divided into:

①General-purpose machine tools The process range is very wide, and it can complete the processing of various types of parts in different procedures, such as horizontal lathes, universal cylindrical grinders and radial drilling machines.

②Specialized machine tools have a narrow process range. They are specially designed and manufactured for processing certain parts or certain procedures, such as fork lathes and screw milling machines.

③Special machine tools have the narrowest process range. They are generally designed and manufactured for a specific process of a specific part, such as various drilling and boring combined machine tools used in mass production of auto parts.

2. According to the working accuracy of machine tools, it can be divided into ordinary precision machine tools, precision machine tools and high precision machine tools.

3. According to weight and size, it can be divided into instrument machine tools, medium machine tools (general machine tools), large machine tools (mass greater than 10t), heavy machine tools (mass over 30t) and super heavy machine tools (mass over 100t).

4. According to the number of main organs of the machine tool, it can be divided into single-axis, multi-axis, single-tool, multi-tool, etc.

5. According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into ordinary, semi-automatic and automatic machine tools.

The automatic machine tool has a complete automatic working cycle, including automatic loading and unloading of workpieces, and can continuously and automatically process workpieces. The semi-automatic machine tool also has a complete automatic working cycle, but the loading and unloading of the workpiece needs to be completed manually, so it cannot be processed continuously.