How to eliminate the oscillation problem of modular machine tools?

- Jan 07, 2021-

How to eliminate the vibration problem of modular machine tools has always been the focus of attention. In order to reduce the impact of the vibration of modular machine tools, the following four major measures need to be taken to avoid:


   1. Reduce the position loop gain. There is a reference standard value in the servo system. If oscillation occurs, the gain can be appropriately reduced, but not too much, because the steady-state error of the system must be ensured.


   2. Reduce the load inertia ratio. The load inertia ratio is generally set at about 70% of the parameter shown when vibration occurs. If the fault cannot be eliminated, it is not advisable to continue to reduce the parameter value.


   3. Oscillation caused by closed loop servo system. Some combined servo systems use semi-closed loop devices, and the fully closed loop servo system must adjust the parameters under the premise that the local semi-closed loop system does not oscillate, so the two are similar.


   4. Add proportional calculus. Proportional calculus is a multifunctional controller, it can not only effectively gain proportional gain to the current and voltage signals, but also adjust the output signal to lag ahead.


   However, for the high-frequency oscillation of the modular machine tool, a first-order low-pass filter link, which is a torque filter, can be added to the speed loop to alleviate this phenomenon.