How to operate a sawing machine with high power?

- Dec 10, 2020-

The sawing machine is suitable for sawing carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other non-metal materials in processing plants, tool plants, and mold plants, and can be sawed at any point of view. Simple operation, high cost performance, low power loss, small saw seam, saving materials, and high economic benefits.

The above content is the basic knowledge of band sawing machines that we are all familiar with. Today, the editor prepared for us the operation tips of band sawing machines. Using this tip can make you operate band sawing machines with higher power. Let us take a look at the specific content. !

1. Install a grating ruler on the original general sawing machine for azimuth measurement, and the original hydraulic system remains unchanged.

3. In order to satisfy the requirement of not changing the original hydraulic system at the same time, the system adds an orientation control module based on the general solenoid valve. According to the difference in sawing material and saw blade function, it is best to automatically adjust the saw blade speed and sawing speed in real time. For example, when the saw blade bending reaches a certain threshold value of the system, the system will lower the speed adaptively or close the feed. This requires major changes on the basis of the original general band saw, such as changing the original hydraulic unit and adding a saw blade bending monitor.

2. Control system software safety function design, including silo, storage management retrieval, saw parts classification management, saw blade bending monitoring, material compression, saw blade speed, sawing feed speed adaptive control, etc.