How to prevent the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic machine is contaminated

- Oct 05, 2020-

Resulting in hydraulic machine hydraulic oil pollution reasons and more complex, hydraulic oil itself in the continuous production of stolen goods, so to completely solve the problem of hydraulic oil pollution is very difficult. In order to extend the life of the hydraulic components to ensure reliable operation of the hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil pollution control within a certain limit is a more practical way.

In order to prevent oil pollution, in the actual work should take the following measures.

1. Keep the hydraulic oil clean before use. Hydraulic oil in the transport and storage process will be subject to external pollution, the new hydraulic oil to buy looks very clean, in fact, very dirty, it must be a few days after the net, the filter added to the hydraulic system used.

2. Keep the hydraulic system clean after assembly. Hydraulic components must be cleaned during machining and assembly. Hydraulic system in the assembly, the operation should be thoroughly cleaned before cleaning the best use of the system to use the oil cleaning, cleaning tank in addition to the ventilation hole must be all sealed, the seal can not have flash, burr.

3. To keep the hydraulic oil in the work of cleaning, hydraulic oil in the course of work will be subject to environmental pollution, so try to prevent air and moisture immersion, in order to completely eliminate the water, gas and pollutants immersion, take sealed fuel tank, air filter.

4. Take the appropriate oil filter. This is an important means of controlling hydraulic oil pollution. According to the requirements of the equipment, in the hydraulic system using different filtering methods, different precision and different structure of the oil filter, and to regularly check and clean the oil filter and fuel tank.

5. Regular replacement of hydraulic oil. Replace the new oil, the fuel tank must be cleaned once, the system is dirty, you can use kerosene cleaning, row after such as new oil.