Hydraulic equipment should pay attention to clean up matters

- Oct 01, 2020-

1. Check clean up

Clear the hydraulic valve surface of the small hydraulic press: with a brush, non-metallic scraper, silk cloth to remove the surface of the hydraulic valve adhesion, pay attention not to damage the surface of the hydraulic valve. In particular, do not scratch the mounting surface of the plate valve.

2. disassemble

Small hydraulic press before the demolition of the hydraulic valve to grasp the structure and the connection between the parts, remove the parts to remember the relationship between the location, make the appropriate mark. Not forced to disassemble, so as not to damage the hydraulic valve.

3. Cleaning

Will be small hydraulic valve body, spool and other parts on the cleaning tank tray, heating bubble, the compressed air into the bottom of the cleaning tank, through the bubble stirring effect, cleaning the remaining dirt, conditional can be used Ultrasonic cleaning.

Fine wash

With high pressure cleaning cleaning liquid cleaning, and finally dry with hot air. Conditional enterprises can use existing cleaning agents, individual occasions can also use organic cleaning agents, such as diesel, gasoline. Some inorganic cleaning solution is toxic, heat and volatile can be poisoned, should be used with caution; organic cleaning solution flammable, should pay attention to fire. Select the cleaning fluid, pay attention to its rot, to avoid the body caused by rot, cleaning parts to pay attention to preservation, to avoid rust or re-pollution of small hydraulic machine.

Improve the accuracy of the machine with the development of science and technology are constantly improving and improving the accuracy of the machine from the original micron level and then to the nano-level progress, which also need more research and development, especially in the bearing technology, to avoid The hysteresis of bearing technology is one of the problems of development. The hysteresis is very important for the precision of positioning. In the study, it is found that hydrostatic bearing technology can solve the hysteresis phenomenon of mechanical, so it is obtained in high precision CNC machine tool A lot of applications