Machine Accessories

- Nov 15, 2020-

Machine tool accessories refer to all easily replaceable components except the machine body.

The machine tool accessories mainly include tool fixtures, operation parts, indexing heads, worktables, chucks, joints, chip removal devices, hoses, tow chains, protective covers, etc. Among them, cutting tool holders are divided into cutting tools, tooling fixtures, planing tools, numerical control tools and supporting systems, tool belts, broaches, cutters, hobs, gear cutters, machine saw blades, numerical control tools, chucks, punches, turning tools , Reamers, Files, Cutting Tools, Shaver, Machine Blades, Tool Holders, Milling Cutters, Thread Cutters, Drill Bits, Arbors, Other Cutters, Clamps, Taps; Operator Parts, Split Handles, Handles, Handles, Handles , Door buttons, other operating parts products;

The dividing head is divided into the dividing index head, the semi-universal dividing head, the universal dividing head, the simple dividing head, the vertical and horizontal dividing head, the numerical control dividing head and the cantilever dividing head;

Workbench manual rotary table, vertical and horizontal rotary table, CNC vertical rotary table, CNC mobile table, angle table, adjustable table;

The chuck is divided into two-jaw self-centering chuck, short cylindrical three-jaw self-centering chuck, short-cone three-jaw self-centering chuck, electric three-jaw self-centering chuck, electric three-jaw chuck, adjustable Three-jaw self-centering chuck, four-jaw pipe compound chuck, four-jaw single-acting chuck, high-speed through-hole power chuck, three-claw wedge (power) self-centering chuck, three-jaw hand tight chuck, taper shank Chuck, three-jaw self-centering chuck, four-jaw self-centering chuck, precision three-jaw self-centering chuck, four-jaw composite chuck, six-jaw self-centering chuck;

Joint sub-metal screw hose joints, flanged joints, round fixed seat, fixed ring;

Chip-discharging device, chain-plate-type chip evacuation device, permanent-magnet chip evacuation device, compound chip evacuation device, spiral chip evacuation device, magnetic scraper-type chip evacuation device;

Hose is divided into nylon hose, polyethylene hose, double open pipe, oval hose.

Reasonable use of machine tool accessories can help increase work efficiency and save costs. It has been widely noted and applied in machining.