Maintenance of boring machine

- Nov 05, 2020-

The maintenance of the trampoline is mainly to pay attention to cleaning, lubrication and reasonable operation.

Daily maintenance work is divided into the following three stages:

1) Before the work begins. Check whether the parts of the machine tool are in good condition and whether the position of each handle is normal. Clean all parts of the machine tool, observe the lubrication devices, and directly lubricate the machine tool guide surface. Start the machine at a low speed for a certain period of time.

2) During work. Mainly correct operation, not allow the machine to work overload, can not be used for precision machining and other rough machining. During the work process, any abnormal phenomenon of the machine tool was found and the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection.

3) After the work is over. Clean all parts of the machine, move the moving parts of the machine to the specified position, and turn off the power.

First level maintenance

After the boring machine is generally regulated for a total of 800 hours, the operator is mainly responsible for performing the primary maintenance. The maintenance work must be performed after the power is turned off. The following takes the T68 type horizontal boring machine as an example to illustrate the contents and requirements of the first level maintenance of the boring machine.

1) Outside maintenance. Mainly remove the dirt and rust on the surface of the machine tool and keep the transmission parts clean. Scrub machine surface and shell, should be no corrosion and no yellow spots; scrub the exposed screw, light bar and rack; make up the handles, screws, nuts and other mechanical parts, keep the machine appearance and tidy.

2) Maintenance of spindle box and feed gearbox. Open the dust cover of the spindle box and check the adjustment of the v-belt and the spindle box clamping lever. Clean the filters and the oil tank; check the tightening of the balance hammer wire rope; scrub the flat spiral guide chute and adjust the inserts.

3) Workbench and rail maintenance. Scrub the work bench all over the place, check the adjustment of the gap between the fence and the strip; check whether the guide rail is pulled, light the burr and scrub the rail.

4) Rear column maintenance. Scrub the bearing housing and guide surface and check the adjustment of the clearance between the inserts.

5) Maintenance of lubrication system. Clean the linoleum and oil tank to keep the oil hole and oil passage open. Clean the cooling pump, filter and cooling box. Clean the filter to ensure that the oil cup is complete and maintain the oil standard oil window bright.

6) Maintenance of electrical parts. Clean the electrical box and motor. Check the position of the electrical device to ensure that the electrical device is fixed, safe, and tidy.

Operating system, and finally cut off the power.