Maintenance of orifice reducer

- Dec 01, 2020-

1.1. Change the internal throttling to external throttling, and install a pressure gauge to instantly show the pressure in the upper and lower chambers. To facilitate maintenance, in particular, it can be easily cleaned on a regular basis, which is unmatched by internal throttles.

1.2. Throttling ratio. The theoretical value of the throttling ratio β is between 1.2 and 1.5, and 1.25 is better based on years of experience. In this way, it is necessary to strictly control the geometric accuracy of the spindle, the geometric accuracy of the front and rear axles, the coaxiality, the roundness and the taper in order to ensure the beta value. Determine the value of e (the amount of eccentricity between the spindle and the geometric center of the bearing shell) based on the bearing capacity of the machine tool to optimize the beta value.

1.3. When the oil chamber is not equipped with a main shaft, the oil column of each oil outlet must be the same (observation method). If it is not the same, the method of changing the orifice diameter of the throttle should be adopted to change the flow rate. Take 4 chambers as an example, generally, the oil column of the lower, left and right chambers is between 20-25mm, and the diameter of the small holes is 0.25-0.4mm.