Makino machine tools to help Deco Precision Molds to achieve successful transformation and upgrading1

- Oct 26, 2020-

In recent years, emerging in the mold industry emerging forces, and in the field of precision molds have a force behind the force - located in the middle of Yuyao and Huangyan, Ninghai this town gathered more than 500 mold manufacturing Manufacturers, with more than 2,000 mold processing workshops.


"With the understanding of market management by local business managers and understanding of precision molds, we can see that the mold enterprises in Ninghai are all moving in the direction of 'sophisticated', and even some outsourcing associations that used cheap machine tools Suppliers are also using such sophisticated high-precision processing equipment as Makino MAKINO. "Mr. Yin Lixing, executive vice president of Ningbo Deco Precision Molding Co., Ltd., said when he talked about the development of the mold industry in Ninghai.