Makino machine tools to help Deco Precision Molds to achieve successful transformation and upgrading2

- Oct 27, 2020-

Precision Machining Transformation has taken the first step toward success


Ningbo Deco Precision Molding Co., Ltd. is in 2007 formally shift its business from the original coarse mold manufacturing precision molds, and will focus on the direction of focus on the zinc alloy molds, as well as automotive precision molds. After determining the basic direction, the next step is to determine the appropriate precision machining equipment.


At first, Deco has also tried a variety of processing equipment, high-speed processing machines, EDM machines, wire cutting machines and so on. However, with the continuous expansion of business scope, Deco quickly caught in the processing bottleneck. Machine tool efficiency, accuracy and stability, and even machine tool travel limits, make it necessary for companies to find more suitable machining equipment as soon as possible.