Makino machine tools to help Deco Precision Molds to achieve successful transformation and upgrading4

- Oct 29, 2020-

Equipment synergy opens up new development


It is understood that in the entire mold processing industry, can do the car lock zinc alloy mold business is not much, but Deco is fantastic in this area. "Compared with other mold processing, its carving process is different, dimensional accuracy is also very high.A product may have hundreds of dimensions, which the previous design, process control demanding." In the total Yin look Comes, the company can flourish in a certain vertical industry, and later purchased one after another multiple Makino EDGE2 spark machine, EDGE3 spark machine and graphite processing center V33iGr not unrelated, the synergies produced by these devices is undoubtedly Deco in precision Mold processing has opened a new situation.