Makino machine tools to help Deco Precision Molds to achieve successful transformation and upgrading5

- Oct 30, 2020-

Benefit from Makino in the field of discharge, graphite processing experience in the field. Deco has also gradually withdraw the original needs of the external discharge machining business. "On the one hand, as the equipment increases, we have seen a significant improvement in overall process capability, while on the other hand, the use of graphite in place of the copper electrode greatly accelerates the discharge efficiency, the processing speed and the complex geometry." Yin always recalls.


As an expert in graphite processing, the Makino Graphite Processing Center V33iGr achieves high precision and high speed. Equipped with advanced feed control technology and high-speed spindles, Makino's machining center is immaculate and can be finished in a very short period of time. Graphite electrode, in addition to simplifying the electrode processing project before discharge processing. Yin always said, "If anyone came to consult, I would first recommend Makino graphite processing machine tool.After all, who can in the shortest possible time to complete the mold production, who will win customers and win the market."


Currently, in Deco's CNC production workshop, except for rough, light and other business by the external processing, processing of the electrode and mold all within the factory. It is understood that Makino machine tool in which the processing value accounted for 90%, it can be said that the core values are made by Makino. The EDM is Makino equipment world, the production of bulk by its completion, accounting for 100%.