Makino machine tools to help Deco Precision Molds to achieve successful transformation and upgrading6

- Oct 31, 2020-

The future, smart and sophisticated are worth the wait


In the continuous consolidation of processing power at the same time, Deco is also closely linked with industry trends. According to Yin, "Last year we also started to develop intelligent manufacturing - through bar code identification electrodes, fixtures, etc., as far as possible to achieve the goal of unmanned, few people, and even, we also changed some of the processing technology. "


In the total Yin seems, the intelligent manufacturing mold is undoubtedly the future trend, such as the demolition of the electrode at the same time, to complete the discharge and coordinate detection. If enough space, plus a robot can be fully automated. "In fact, Makino has also worked with many automation companies, so Makino's openness to the system is very important for companies that want to try smart automation, in other words, matching future trends is one of the reasons we chose Makino."


In the near future, perhaps you can see that in the corner of Ninghai, a state-of-the-art mold-smart processing factory, from CNC machining to EDM, to CMM, only busy robots, the real unmanned machining is from here Start. "The software, the production control plan, the automatic scheduling ... ... are no longer just simple automated production, but you can clearly understand the progress of production, processing quality and smart manufacturing anytime, anywhere mobile devices." Let us look forward to it.