Modular machine tool member companies deeply discuss industry hot issues

- Jan 08, 2021-

On November 7-8, 2017, the Modular Machine Tool Branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association held the 8th Second Council Enlarged Meeting. Representatives of 39 member companies attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Jiang Huaisheng, chairman of the branch. Secretary-General Liu Qingle made a work report and submitted "Analysis and Suggestions on the Situation of Modular Machine Tool Industry" to the meeting.

In recent years, orders for traditional products in the modular machine tool industry have decreased year by year, and orders for flexible production lines and intelligent manufacturing equipment have gradually increased. Under this market situation, the branch invited Professor Wang Dequan from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Dalian University of Technology to give a report entitled "Intelligent Solutions for the Production Process of Special Machine Tools", introducing the entire operation process of the company from design, production, logistics, testing to after-sales service. Data transmission and efficient intelligent management solutions in China.

This conference focused on information exchange. A total of about 20 companies spoke at the conference, discussing hot issues such as the impact of the pure electric vehicle era, market order, after-sales service, and payment methods, reflecting that many companies are closely following the market Change, adjust the short-term and long-term strategies at any time, and walk out different ways of business.

In response to market changes in the era of pure electric vehicles, Dongfeng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has entered the field of welding line manufacturing. Now the output value of this part has exceeded the output value of its machine tools; Changzhou Sanli has developed an assembly line for electric vehicle related parts; Dalian Yida relies on product quality And service, opened up the production line market for German cars; Licheng Machinery focused on shaft parts and became the world's largest manufacturer of gear rolling machines; Taizhou Jingyao made steady growth in orders through foreign exhibitions and e-commerce platforms; Dalian Yuanli attaches great importance to quality issues and implements recall of defective parts, which is well received by users.

At the meeting, the delegates also talked about the issue of disorderly competition, believing that one of the reasons is that manufacturing companies bid at low prices in order to grab orders; on the other hand, it was also related to the fact that users defaulted on payment and affected business operations, and some representatives raised relevant issues. Suggest.