My Opinion on A New Record in Japanese Machine Tool Order 1

- Oct 15, 2020-

January 15, the Japanese Industrial Association released data, Japan's full-year 2017 machine tool orders (quick report value) increased by 31.6%, to 164,561 million yen. Among them, China's demand accounted for 1.01 trillion yen, a year-on-year surge of 41.2%. Surpassing the highest record so far in 2007, setting the highest record again in 10 years, setting a record high for China's machine tool orders to Japan.

Why the sudden surge in orders for Japan so much, is it because the domestic machine tool industry capacity shortage, leading to have to seek foreign machine tool products? The answer is obviously not.


In fact, China surpassed Japan several years ago to become the world's No. 1 machine tool producer. In 2012, the total output value of machine tools in 28 major machine tool manufacturing countries and regions in the world reached 94.34 billion US dollars. Among them, the output value of machine tools in China reached 27.54 billion yuan, accounting for 29.19% of the total output value of 28 major machine tool manufacturing countries in the world, ranking World number one.


Curiously, it is clear that the world's largest producer of machine tools, but not enough to supply the domestic market demand for machine tools. Why?

First, industrial upgrading and the development of emerging manufacturing industry


Japan Industrial Association mentioned in the report: China's recovery of demand for machine tools in Japan, mainly due to Chinese enterprises are undergoing a new upgrade.

The new upgrade here refers to the industrial restructuring and transformation and upgrading in our country at this stage. In the past year, due to sluggish domestic demand and overcapacity, domestic machine tool enterprises have to face a new pattern of industrial transformation and upgrading. Middle and low-end manufacturing companies are trying to climb from the past with low technology and low innovation Come out, improve the manufacturing level, open up the high-end market.


Such transformation and upgrading of which ultimately help high-end machine tools, high-end machine tools can not produce high-precision, high-tech products, no product can only talk about the upgrade.


As the world's largest producer of machine tools, China is the most lacking, or the weakest link is precisely the high-end machine tool industry. China's high-end machine tool industry is facing a lack of innovation ability, low efficiency, lack of information technology; for new products, new technology research and development investment inadequate; programming technology in the use of new features is not enough; advanced tool applications are not popular enough, tooling design obsolete And many other issues.


On the other hand, despite the global economic downturn, China's emerging manufacturing industry has developed exceptionally fast. The industries such as automobiles, robotics and mobile phones are developing rapidly. The rapid development of the industry also put forward higher requirements.


Take industrial robots as an example. Due to the fiery manufacturing of smart meters in the recent two years, the domestic industrial robot industry has been developing rapidly. According to statistics from the Japan Robot Association, Japan's robot exports to China in the second quarter of this year also rose by 33.2% to 176.5 billion yen (about 10.4 billion yuan).


There is also the mobile phone industry, the increasingly prosperous domestic mobile phones also raised a higher machine tool industry requirements. Full screen, curved screen, metal frame, ceramic border, more and more beautiful craft led to more and more need for high-end processing tools. Fortunately, however, Shenyang Machine Tool and Han's Laser as China's machine tool and laser industry representatives, in the rise of the mobile phone industry in divided pieces.