My Opinion on A New Record in Japanese Machine Tool Order 2

- Oct 16, 2020-

Second, the machine tool industry itself predicament


Chat finished orders, talk about the industry's problems.


The market is cruel, we must abide by the law of survival of the fittest. Excellent stay, poor will be eliminated. Machine tool industry is also true.


Most of the domestic machine tool companies are currently in an awkward situation - "not high, not low." Technology, innovation and other aspects can not support its high-end market, while the original inherent basis is still low Market place, they will not be completely eliminated by the market.

In the high-end market competition, domestic machine tools directly face the world's most advanced machine tools, the industry's top German, Japan and other developed countries, competition, such as Demag, Tongkas, Mazak, Makino, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, etc. Machine tool industry giants. The precision and performance of these machines are the most advanced in the world, and the domestic machine tools do not occupy any advantage in these aspects. However, these high-end machine prices are equally unacceptable, easily millions, for low-end manufacturing enterprises, simply can not afford such a high price of machine tools. Therefore, the low-end market has been the main location of domestic machine tools.


However, it is not so easy. There are competitions in Southeast Asia such as Taiwan Province and India in the low-end area. Such as Taiwan, with Friends of Jia, Dongtai, Taichung Seiki, Yawei and other machine tool enterprises, who are inland machine tool companies a strong competitor, 2016 year, Taiwan, China imported CNC lathes in mainland China, Number of the first column; the amount of the second column. Its average unit price is 55% of the average unit price of imported CNC lathes in mainland China.


Despite the tiger wars, highly competitive, but a little pleased that the domestic mid-market is still a large part of the domestic machine tools, and more and more domestic manufacturing plants have begun to use domestic machine tools.