My Opinion on A New Record in Japanese Machine Tool Order 3

- Oct 17, 2020-

Third, suggestions on breaking the game


One thing we feel embarrassed - the recovery and recovery of China's manufacturing industry, the first to benefit from the Japanese machine tools.


But no matter what, this thing is more like giving us the warning that domestic machine tools really need to go high. Otherwise it will be like in the throat, hard to swallow.


1, innovation: Today's CNC machine tool industry to enhance the competitiveness of the industry, care market, the urgent need to embark on high-end development route. Innovation is the most basic driving force for the development of machine tool industry. If you want to improve the technological level of CNC machine tool industry, we must pay attention to the construction of innovative ability platform. On innovation, in our country's "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment," science and technology major conference, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Equipment Industry Division, Deputy Director Luo Junjie mentioned "CNC machine tools to the overall breakthrough should continue to give full play to the advantages of Chinese characteristics innovation , Focus all kinds of innovative resources, continue to promote, long time for success. "


2, Time: We need the process, machine design, system development, process processes, technology development, all need process. Developed countries, the history of the machine tool industry for nearly a hundred years, China's machine tool industry started slowly, but the rapid development. Machine tool enterprises led by Shenyang Machine Tool already have their own operating system and intelligent machine tools, although less than the top precision company's top product, but also not far off.