Points of attention in the application of forging manipulator

- Oct 06, 2020-

The forging manipulator has the following functions: the carriage is free to walk on the track, the car rotates, the rack is moved up and down, the inclination, the clamp head is clamped, the loose, the rotation, etc.. The large frame adopts an integral frame structure driven by an electric motor or a motor. 

The lifting of the clamp rack is driven by a steel wire rope or an oil cylinder, and the front or rear synchronous lifting or lifting can be realized, so that the clamp rack reaches the level or realizes the inclination of a certain angle. The clamping head is clamped and driven by a large pitch screw rod or an oil cylinder. The lever is moved horizontally and has a cushioning device. The clamp head rotation is driven by an electric motor and a reducer and is provided with an overload protection device. A shock proof buffer device is arranged between the front and rear sides, the two sides of the clamp frame and the clamp frame and the elevator.