Reasons for the uneven decline of the band saw

- Dec 12, 2020-

There are several reasons for the instability of the sawing machine:

The guide column of the sawing machine is short of oil: the main column is generally equipped with a butter filling port, and the butter can be added appropriately. If there is no butter port, use more oil on the column! Ensure that the column is smooth.

The speed control valve of the sawing machine fails: the effect of the speed control valve is to control the amount of oil returned by the sawing machine. If it fails, it must be replaced with a new one.

Single-head solenoid valve stuck valve: The single-head solenoid valve is a switch that controls the rapid descent of the sawing machine. If there is a problem, it will fall too fast or too slowly, without the control of the speed control valve. There are two solutions, one Take the solenoid valve apart and wash it with gasoline. The second is that you can only change one! ! Ha ha! !