Recent Development of High - end Numerical Control Machine Tool in China 1

- Oct 18, 2020-

The machine is an industrial parent machine, a machine used to make machines, an important feature that distinguishes machines from other equipment. With the progress of industrialization, the manufacturing industry has put forward the requirements of high speed, precision and flexible manufacturing for the main machine. The machine tool has also been gradually developed into a high-speed CNC machine tool such as high-speed precision compound machining and five-axis linkage machining center by a common three- It realizes the processing of many processes such as milling, drilling, boring and so on in one loading of the workpiece, which not only has high processing precision but also improves the production efficiency due to the fast movement and accurate positioning.

As we all know, our country is the world's number one manufacturing power and the number one machine tool producer in the world. However, China has a big gap with the advanced international standards in the field of high-end manufacturing equipment. Through our many years of efforts, China has formed 10 landmark achievements that cover typical equipment in key fields such as aerospace, automotive and high-end machine tools, basically representing the highest level of R & D and application of high-grade machine tools and equipment in our country. National key special projects, new fighters, launch vehicles and a number of key state-of-the-art projects provided key manufacturing equipment, achieved breakthroughs in many key technologies and equipment, and effectively supported and guaranteed national security.


The successful development of heavy equipment such as 80,000 tons of large forging presses and 10,000 tons of aluminum tensile stretcher has filled in the blank of the whole forming of large key important parts in the domestic aviation field. The development of a new generation of launch vehicles such as the Long March 5 and the establishment of the first demonstration production line using domestically produced machining centers and CNC turning centers in the field of aerospace, which has been applied to more than 100 kinds of over 10,000 pieces of key launch vehicles and lunar exploration projects Parts processing, has made significant economic and social benefits. The industrialization of CNC forging equipment has achieved remarkable results. Among them, the production line of high-efficiency auto-stamping for automobile large-sized covers has reached the international advanced level, with the domestic market share exceeding 70% and the global market share exceeding 30%.