Recent Development of High - end Numerical Control Machine Tool in China 2

- Oct 19, 2020-

The special CNC machine tool we have made since the implementation in 2009 has significantly improved the technical level of the industry, narrowed the gap with the international advanced level, and developed more than 30 kinds of key products such as the precision horizontal machining center and reached the international advanced level. Among them, 25 m vertical column mobile vertical milling lathe is the construction of major national projects in urgent need of its technical parameters, technical levels are in the world's leading level, the world's largest machine tool specifications, representing the highest level of national high-end CNC heavy machine tools. Through the special support of CNC machine tools, our CNC system has realized the main technical indexes of high-performance numerical control system products ranging from analog, pulse type to all-digital bus, multi-channel and multi-axis linkage have basically reached the international mainstream high-end numerical control system Level. At present, domestic high-end CNC system has been with more than 10 types of 600 sets of high-end CNC machine tools, began demonstration and application of key aerospace companies. Functional components Enterprise product quality steadily improved, continuous improvement of varieties series, up to now scroll function parts in the high-end CNC machine tool market share of 20%, compared with 2009 increased four-fold, species satisfaction reached 80%.


Most noteworthy is that China's machine tool industry innovation and development and reliability levels significantly improved, machine tool industry standards and technical specifications gradually improved. Through the implementation of special projects, it has promoted the joint development of key domestic enterprises, universities and users, and actively organized the preparation of national / industrial standards for the reliability assessment of CNC machine tools, and promoted their application in the machine tool industry. The average MTBF of the machine tool has been generally raised to 1200 hours from the 400-500 hours before the special implementation. Some of the products have reached over 2000 hours and are close to the international advanced level. Special achievements formed a large number of technical standards and norms, the industry significantly enhanced its international competitive advantage, strong support for product development, but also to enhance the sustainable development of national equipment manufacturing industry play a protective role. In December 2016, the S-shaped test specimen proposed by our country for testing five-axis machine tools was approved by the International Standard Committee and became the first standard in the design and testing of high-end CNC machine tools in our country, achieving zero breakthrough.


As a year of great progress, we will continue our efforts to thoroughly implement the strategy of innovation-driven development and the strategy of building a strong nation. Under the guidance of the special implementation plan of CNC machine tools and the implementation plan of the "13th Five-Year Plan", we will take the ten major Focusing on the two major user areas such as aerospace and automotive, paying equal attention to common technical research and process verification in key areas, developing parallel development of key functional components and industrialization, speeding up the construction of innovative capabilities and demonstration projects, strengthening the cultivation of innovative talents and The introduction of high-end talent, efforts to solve the machine tool system and functional components, reliability and accuracy of maintenance, processing efficiency and technological level to enhance the three aspects of the problem, to achieve special results in the key areas of large-scale demonstration of the application of the package for the full implementation of "China Manufacturing 2025 "to provide support.


China's machine tool and equipment industry, "aircraft carrier" has been testing the water ahead, with the passage of time, China's machine tool and equipment industry "ship" will be in the global economic tide of waves.