Safety operation regulations of grinding machine

- Nov 30, 2020-

1. Before work, check that machinery, electrical appliances, protective devices, vacuum cleaners, and labor measuring devices are in good condition.

2. After manually inspecting the various parts, empty the car and check the longitudinal reciprocating movement of the grinding head. After confirming normal operation, the work can be performed.

3. Before the work, press the workpiece grinding length, manually adjust the position of the reversing stop, and tighten it.

4. When the machine tool is working, the pressure of the hydraulic system should not exceed the specified value range. The temperature of the oil must not exceed 50°C. When there is air in the cylinder, the grinding head should be evacuated several times with maximum stroke.

5. The machine does not have a longitudinally-moving automatic and manual interlocking mechanism, but when reciprocating with hydraulic pressure, the handle must be pulled out.

6. Check the fixtures, the fastening of the workpiece, and the balance of the grinding wheel and the elasticity of the belt. Grinding wheel wear should be timely repair.

7. When dressing the grinding wheel, the diamond knife is fixed on the special bracket, it is forbidden to impact during operation, and protective glasses should be worn.

8. When the grinding wheel does not leave the workpiece, no parking is allowed.

9. Replace the grinding wheel should follow the mill general safety regulations.

10. Do not touch the workpiece in grinding or transfer things across the moving part.

11. When adjusting, repairing, lubricating, and wiping the machine, shut down the machine.