The accuracy of cylindrical grinder

- Dec 08, 2020-

1: The influence of the height of the grinding head, headstock and tailstock on the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece.

The height errors of the grinding head, headstock, and tailstock will cause the centerline of the headstock, tailstock and the axis of the grinding wheel spindle to be offset in space. At this time, the surface of the worn workpiece will be a hyperboloid.

2: The influence of the parallelism between the head frame and the tailstock centerline on the axis accuracy of the spindle axis of the grinding head in the horizontal plane.

When this error occurs, the external shape of the workpiece worn by the cylindrical grinder will be a cone, that is, the grinding wheel is angled and the surface has a spiral pattern.

3: Influence of grinding head movement relative to machine tool guide rail perpendicularity error on machining accuracy.

The end result of this error is that the axis of the spindle is offset from the centerline of the headstock and the tailstock. When grinding the shoulder face of the shaft, the squareness error between the end face of the shoulder and the axis of the workpiece will be caused. When grinding the outer circle, it will affect the surface roughness and produce a spiral pattern.