The application of Cylindrical grinding machines

- Dec 07, 2020-

Cylindrical grinding machines are mainly used for the precision grinding of end faces, outer circles and conical surfaces of batch shaft parts. They are the main equipment for automobile engines and other industries. It is also suitable for processing of shaft parts with small batch size and high precision in the military, aerospace and general precision machinery processing workshops.

(1) It is used in the textile spinning industry, coarse spinning machine, draw frame, combing machine, texturing machine, etc.

(2) It is used in the production of manufacturing office communication equipment industry, fax machines, photocopiers, printers, cutting plotters, etc.

(3) Applicable to printing, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

M1320 cylindrical grinder for grinding cylindrical, conical outer and end faces of various small and medium-sized parts.

The machining accuracy of this machine reaches the national standard (GB/T4685-94)

This machine tool is particularly suitable for use in small and medium batch production workshops and tool mechanic workshops.