The classfiy of High Precision Removable Arm

- Nov 23, 2020-

1. High Precision Removable Arm (HPRA)

The HPRA features a detachable knife arm and base. When the tool is used, the cutting arm is installed on the base of the tool setting tool, and the electrical signals are also connected and enter the working state; after use, the cutting arm can be pulled out of the base and placed in a suitable place. In order to protect the precision tool setting arm and probe from dust and collision damage, it is suitable for small CNC lathes.

2. High Precision Pulldown Arm (HPPA)

The HPPA is characterized by a rotary joint between the knife arm and the base that is integrated. When using, the knife arm will be pulled out from the protective sleeve, and when the knife arm is not used, the knife arm will be retracted in the protective sleeve without worrying about being damaged during processing. It is not necessary to insert and remove the arm frequently, and bumps caused by frequent insertion and removal are avoided.

3、Fully automatic motorised arm (HPMA)

The HPMA is characterized by the addition of a torque motor to the knife arm and base through the torque motor to achieve swinging and swinging of the knife arm and the HPPA, which improves the degree of automation. More importantly, the arm swinging and swinging back can be programmed into the machining program by M code. During the machining cycle, the automatic measurement, compensation and tool breakage monitoring of the tool wear value can be conveniently implemented. Automatic loading and unloading mechanism can realize unmanned processing.

4, automatic contact

After finding the installation position in the horizontal and vertical position of the work table, the automatic tool setting can be effectively realized by inputting the program in the corresponding numerical control system. It plays an essential role in the development of engraving and milling machines and glass machines in China.