The concept of automation

- Nov 19, 2020-

Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, transportation, commerce, medical care, services and family. The use of automation technology not only frees people from heavy manual labor and part of mental work, as well as harsh and dangerous working environments, but also expands the function of various organs of humans, greatly increases labor productivity, and enhances human understanding of the world and the transformation of the world. ability.

Large-scale complete sets of equipment in automation systems, also known as automation devices. The process in which a machine or device automatically operates or controls according to specified procedures or instructions without human intervention. Therefore, automation is an important condition and a significant symbol of modernization of industry, agriculture, national defense, and science and technology.

Automation Overview

Automation is a high-tech company that specializes in the research, development, production and sales of intelligent automatic control, digitalization, networked controllers and sensors. Its numerous function modules and complete embedded solutions can meet the personalized needs of many users to the greatest degree. . The company's products have a wide range of products to meet customer needs.

Automated application

The development of automation technology in the warehousing field (including the main warehouse) can be divided into five phases: the manual warehousing phase, the mechanized warehousing phase, the automated warehousing phase, the integrated warehousing phase, and the intelligent automated warehousing phase. In the late 1990s and several years of the 21st century, intelligent automated warehousing will be the main development direction of automation technology.