The coordinate boring machine

- Nov 02, 2020-

The coordinate boring machine is a kind of high-precision machine tool. Its structural features are precision measuring devices with coordinate positions. The coordinate boring machine can be divided into single-column coordinate boring machine, double-column coordinate boring machine and horizontal coordinate boring machine.

The boring machine has a precise coordinate positioning device, which is mainly used for boring size, shape, especially the hole system with higher requirements for position accuracy, and can also be used for precision coordinate measurement, template scribe, scale and other work.

Single-column coordinate boring machine: The main shaft drives the tool for rotating main movement, and the main shaft sleeve makes feed movement in the axial direction. Features: Simple structure, easy operation, especially suitable for processing precision holes of plate parts, but its rigidity is poor, so this structure is only suitable for small and medium-sized coordinate boring machine.

Double-column coordinate boring machine: The main shaft is equipped with a tool for the main movement, and the workpiece is mounted on the work table along the table to make a longitudinal straight line movement along the bed rail. Its rigidity is good, and large-scale coordinate boring machines use this structure. The main parameter of the double-column coordinate boring machine is the table width.

Horizontal coordinate boring machine: The worktable can make a rotary motion in the horizontal plane, and the feed motion can be realized by the longitudinal movement of the worktable or the axial movement of the main shaft. Its processing accuracy is high.