The core part of the tool setting tool

- Nov 24, 2020-

The core part of the tool setting tool consists of a high-precision switch (probe), a high hardness, high wear-resistant carbide tetrahedron (tool probe) and a signal transmission interface (others omitted). The tetrahedron probe is used to make contact with the tool and transmits the force to the high-precision switch through a flexible support rod installed under it; the on and off signals from the switch are transmitted to the numerical control system through the signal transmission interface device. In the tool direction recognition, calculation, compensation, access and so on.

The working principle of the CNC machine determines that when the machine returns to the mechanical reference point of the respective axis of motion, the machine coordinate system is established. Once this reference point is established, relative to the machine tool zero point, there is a numerically practical significance for each direction of motion on each axis of the machine tool coordinate system.

For a machine equipped with a tool setting tool, the actual coordinate value of the tool setting sensor in each direction from the zero coordinate of the machine coordinate system is a fixed value. It needs to be accurately determined by the method of parameter setting in order to satisfy the use, otherwise the CNC system will not be able to The data of the mutual position is converted between the machine coordinate system and the fixed coordinate of the tool setting tool.