The eight components of CNC milling machine and their detailed introduction

- Dec 19, 2020-

1. CNC system

It is easy to operate. The input and display part is determined at the front of the machine tool, and the electrical cabinet is connected to the machine at the back of the machine.

    2. Servo unit

The servo unit includes 3 feed axes, the fourth axis (the fourth axis is configured), which controls the driving part of the spindle, and they exist in the electrical cabinet.

    3. Servo motor and main motor

The feed motor adopts AC servo motor, and the main motor adopts AC servo spindle motor. The spindle speed can be increased directly by the four-digit code as S, and the best cutting speed can be selected within the permitted range according to the cutting conditions.

    4. Workbench and spindle head

The servo motor directly drives the precision ball screw through the precision flexible coupling, which can minimize the retreat and improve the positioning accuracy. Rolling guide rail with high rigidity guide, no low-speed crawling, good accuracy retention. The spindle box has good rigidity and reasonable size comparison. The spindle uses a high-speed spindle unit of a famous Taiwanese brand, pneumatically punches the tool, and blows away the cutting impurities attached to the tool holder while blowing through the handle on the through hole of the inner spindle unit rod. Ü prevent damage to the cone.

    5. Tool magazine

The tool magazine is fixed on the left side of the column by a support arm, hat fashion magazine, pneumatic conveying knife method, and the most recent tool selection. For the disc box, the fastest ATC can reach 1.8 seconds.

    6. Matrix

The basic parts of the machine tool are made of resin casting process, and after aging treatment, the reasonable structure design improves the processing and assembly process to ensure the strength, rigidity and accuracy of the basic parts.

    7. Protective device

The whole machine is streamlined and compact. It has good waterproof, anti-reverse and safety functions, and has a fairly simple design and elegant appearance.

    8. Accessories

Provide necessary use, maintenance and accessories for this machine tool.