The future of metal forming machine tool industry

- Nov 18, 2020-

China is a major country for the production of metal forming machine tools is not a strong country In recent years, the domestic machine tool industry has a good momentum of development. Through technological transformation, the research and development level, manufacturing level, product quality and market capacity have all significantly increased. In 2009, China has become the world's largest machine tool producer, but the gap with developed countries remains significant. As an important category of machine tools, metal forming machine tools also have the characteristics of being large but not strong. The main features are: First, the scale of the enterprises is small. Currently, there are about 600 companies with sales revenues of over 5 million yuan in China forging machinery industry. Most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises, and the core equipment and production facilities (factory, lifting, and assembly conditions) of large-heavy and heavy-duty precision machining are inadequate. The production capacity is greatly limited, and large-capacity, large-tonnage, large-scale production can not be satisfied. Surface, high-precision, overall processing and forming product requirements. Second, the development of key functional components is lagging behind. The development of domestically-made functional components and numerical control systems is lagging behind. The supporting capabilities of functional components are weak and scattered. Whether it is a mechanical functional component, or a numerical control system or electrical functional component, the high-end functional component is almost blank. The industrialization and scale of the mid-range functional component industry are not high enough to meet the matching requirements of domestic mainframes. The development of key functional components is lagging behind. Has become a bottleneck in the development of the metal forming machine industry. Thirdly, the product structure needs to be further optimized. Investigators of Zhiyan Data Research Center stated that the product structure of China's metal forming machine tool industry has been continuously optimized in recent years, but currently the proportion of small and medium-sized, low-value-added products of metal forming machine tools in China is still relatively large. . It is a long-term task for the development of the metal forming machine tool industry to improve the production of heavy-duty metal forming machine tools and further optimize the product structure.