The history of drilling machine

- Nov 09, 2020-

The ancient drilling machine - "bow gong" drilling technology has a long history. Archaeologists have now discovered that BC

In 4,000, humans invented a device for drilling holes. The ancients placed a beam on two columns, and then suspended a rotating awl from the beam, and then used a bow string to drive the awl to rotate, so that holes could be drilled in the wood. Soon, people also designed a perforating tool called “winch”, which also uses a flexible bow string to rotate the awl.

The First Drilling Machine (Whitworth, 1862) Before and after 1850, the German Matrignoni first made a twist drill for metal drilling; at the International Fair held in London, England in 1862, the British Whitworth exhibited a drilling machine driven by a power-driven cast iron frame, which became the prototype of modern drilling machines.

Since then, various types of drilling machines have appeared one after another, including radial drilling machines, drilling machines equipped with automatic feeding mechanisms, and multi-axis drilling machines that can simultaneously drill multiple holes. Thanks to improvements in tool materials and drills, and the use of electric motors, large, high-performance drilling machines have finally been manufactured.