The history of Grinding Machine

- Nov 08, 2020-

Grinding is an ancient technique that humans have known since ancient times. In the Paleolithic Age, this technique was used to grind stone tools. Later, with the use of metal appliances, the development of grinding technology was promoted. However, designing a veritable grinding machine is still a modern matter. Even in the early 19th century, people still turned the natural grinding stone into contact with a machined object for grinding.

First Grinding Machine (1864) In 1864, the United States made the world's first grinding machine. This was a device that installed a grinding wheel on the carriage's carriage and provided it with automatic transmission. Twelve years later, Brown of the United States invented a universal grinder close to modern grinding machines.

Artificial Grinding Stones - The Birth of Grinding Wheels (1892) The demand for artificial grindstones also followed. How to develop a more wear-resistant grindstone than natural grindstone? In 1892, American Acheson made a successful trial of silicon carbide made of coke and sand. This is an artificial grindstone, now called C abrasive. Two years later, A-based abrasives with alumina as the main component were trial-produced. Success, so that the grinder has been more widely used.

Later, due to the further improvement of bearings and guide rails, the accuracy of grinding machines has become higher and higher, and the direction of specialization has grown. Internal cylindrical grinders, surface grinders, barrel grinders, gear grinders, universal grinders and so on have emerged.