The international standard of CNC machine tool control system will adopt the Chinese solution

- Jan 12, 2021-

The international standard proposal of "General Requirements for Industrial Automation Systems and Integrated Machine Tool Numerical Control Systems" proposed by my country was voted and approved by the Physical Equipment Control Branch of the International Organization for Standardization Automation System and Integration Technical Committee (ISO/TC184/SC1), and the project was formally approved. This indicates that the international standard of CNC machine tool "brain" will adopt the Chinese solution, and our country will gradually shift from following to running and leading in the field of machine tool CNC system dominated by Europe, America and Japan.

   The CNC system is the brain of CNC machine tools, which is related to national defense, industry and economic security. The CNC system standard is the strategic support to guide and lead the CNC system products to the high-end and promote the transformation and upgrading of the CNC system industry. Under the background of the lack of key technical standards for CNC systems in my country and the lack of a system, the National Machine Tool Quality Supervision and Inspection Center took the lead to organize industry enterprises to tackle key problems for more than 10 years, breaking through the core problem of "the same open platform, the same safety threshold, and the same evaluation ruler". Created a series of national standards for open high-end CNC systems in my country. At the same time, the functional safety evaluation method of CNC system was proposed, and the first IEC international standard was developed in my country's machine tool industry. The key technology and complete set of testing equipment for the function/performance evaluation of high-end CNC system were developed to achieve full life cycle verification during the standard creation process. A relatively complete key technology standard system for high-end CNC systems. The technological achievements won the 2017 China Machinery Industry Science and Technology First Prize, and were nominated for the 2018 National Science and Technology Progress Award by the China Machinery Industry Federation.

   It is reported that this is the first international standard proposed by China produced by ISO/TC184/SC1, and it is also the first international standard IEC/TS 60204-34:2016 in my country's machine tool industry, Machinery Safety, Mechanical Electrical Equipment Part 34: Technical Conditions for Machine Tools "Another major breakthrough afterwards.