The market of forging machinery industry

- Nov 17, 2020-

In recent years, a new market has emerged in China's machine tool defense market: the online market. This is a manifestation of the major role that e-commerce plays in traditional industries.

At present, there are about 600 companies with sales revenues of over 5 million yuan in China's forging machinery industry. The vast majority of them are small and medium-sized enterprises. The core equipment and production facilities (factory, lifting, and assembly conditions) for large-heavy, numerically controlled precision machining are inadequate. The production capacity is greatly limited.

China is a traditional big country in machine tool consumption, and consumption has ranked first in the world for several consecutive years. China, as a major consumer of machine tools, is also a major machine tool producer. In 2009, China became the world's largest producer of machine tools for the first time. As an important part of the machine tool industry, metal forming machine tools also show rapid growth. According to relevant statistics, in 2010, China produced 602 enterprises above designated size for metal forming machine tools, completed industrial output value of 40.2 billion yuan, exported 569 million US dollars, and imported 1.906 billion US dollars.

In order to meet the needs of national economic development and the sustainable development of enterprises, especially in response to the international financial crisis, in recent years, the metal forming machine tool industry has intensified new product development efforts, and the company’s scientific research, design, and manufacturing capabilities have been continuously enhanced. The overall technical level of the industry has been further improved, and a large number of new products with a high level of technology have been developed. They have also been verified in production practices and are well received and recognized by users.

At present, the gap between the main products of China's metal forming machine tools and foreign countries is obviously narrowed. Some products are of a near international level. The product types basically cover all products on the international market. Product quality, especially stability and reliability, have been significantly improved. The needs of national economic development also have the ability to impact the world market of high-end metal forming machine tools.

The product structure of China's metal forming machine tool industry is continuously optimized and presents the following characteristics: First, with the development of industry and technological progress, the product has shown a tendency to develop in the direction of large (heavy) and super heavy. Second, medium and high-end intelligent flexible forming machine tools have become the mainstream and focus of market demand. All industries require high-speed, high-precision, high-stiffness, composite, and intelligent flexible metal forming machine tools in the process of technology upgrade and transformation. Third, the proportion of customized products has gradually increased to meet the individual needs of different users.