The Structural Characteristics and Applicable Industry of CNC Wood Engraving Machine

- Oct 11, 2020-

Structure features of CNC woodworking engraving machine:

1, stable structure: the overall steel structure of the bed, firm and non deformation.

2, parts of good: imported brand linear guide; double row four row ball slider, bearing power, stable operation; Germany produced ball screw, lower knife precision. High speed air cooled spindle motor, spindle bearings for high precision ceramic bearings, low noise, long life.

3, drive more powerful: the use of high-power stepper motor, power more powerful. (optional servo system).

4, the design is reasonable: the use of advanced Y shaft, double rack drive, fast and powerful.

5, easy to operate: the use of advanced USB interface DSP handle operating system (readable U disk), fully offline work, does not occupy the computer resources.

6, the performance of worry free: have breakpoint, continue carving, power restoration, processing time prediction function, real humanization design.

Numerical control woodworking engraving machine applicable industry:

1, wooden doors and furniture decoration industry: solid wood and composite doors, cabinets, doors, large panels, flat carving, solid wood, plate furniture sculpture, solid wood art, murals, sculpture, etc.;

2, wooden products processing: clocks and watches, electrical appliances, counters, sporting goods equipment;

3, instrument industry: engraving instrument, three-dimensional surface, contour cutting;

4, handicraft industry: picture frame, jewelry box;

5. Electronic industry: engraving of circuit board, insulating material, LED display screen, etc..