The structure and obligations of the 6-axis stamping robot manipulator

- Dec 23, 2020-

The 6-axis robot manipulator is driven by 4 sets of servo motors, which can achieve fixed-point positioning, accurate positioning and stable operation; unlike other manufacturers' manipulators that use modules, Chengen uses two guide rails to form the manipulator, which makes the arm stroke double stroke The arm and the equipment are solid as a whole, and they are not easily deformed due to heavy materials; the 6-axis robot machine separates strong and weak currents and will not be disturbed; unlike other manufacturers’ wires and wiring are messy and exposed, Chengen Robot The wires adopt fully enclosed routing and arranging wires, and the wires cannot be seen outside the equipment, which prolongs the life of the equipment and has a beautiful appearance.

The motion of each joint of the 6-axis punch robot manipulator is realized by a servo motor and a high-precision harmonic reducer. Each linear axis is realized by a servo motor and a precision screw; at the same time, it is equipped with advanced electrical control. Cabinets and teaching boxes have superior performance, low price and easy operation. It can be connected to hydraulic press, gear punch, pneumatic punch, tapping machine, rivet machine, etc., regardless of the tonnage of the punch, the height of the machine, and it can be connected to realize the free combination of equipment, omnidirectional and multi-angle realization of various complex punching actions and flips , Scraping, side-hanging or diagonal placement, stacking, etc., and adapt to the process requirements of continuous molds, single-machine multi-modes, etc. Pre-store 100 sets of product process information to facilitate conversion. Identify the double material and punch press twice or more times, protect the safety of industrial robots, punch presses and molds, and realize remote communication.

The 6-axis punching manipulator can install multiple sets of molds on a unified punching machine to produce automated production, reducing investment in punching machines. The 6-axis punching manipulator reduces investment in molds for continuous punching and high-speed punching, and realizes automation with popular equipment and molds. Continued production, suitable for stretching production of products, such as pressure cookers, water cups, filters and other products, only need simple debugging when changing models.

The first two joints of the 6-axis punching manipulator can freely rotate left and right on the horizontal plane. The third joint consists of a metal rod called a quill and a holder. The metal rod can move up and down in a vertical plane or rotate around its vertical axis, but cannot be tilted. This unique design makes the 6-axis stamping robots have strong rigidity, so that they are capable of high-speed and high-repetitive work. In packaging applications, 6-axis industrial robots are good at high-speed pick-and-place and other material handling duties.